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Pemanfaatan Microsoft Office pada Mata Kuliah Aplikasi TIK Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Menulis Karangan Ilmiah pada Mahasiswa

Dipublikasikan pada : 14 November 2017. Kategori : .

This article discusses the skills of final students who make the article ready to be published in scientific journals from the results of thesis research that has passed the mentoring process by two counselors and then will be confronted with the results seminar. The researcher gave treatment to the first group on the ICT Applications Course by giving intensive material about MS. Office which aims to refine the typography and adjustment of the style of the scope of scientific journals, while in the second group on ICT Application Courses with only given material that complies with the standard RPS course in ICT Applications courses. The results show that the first group can better read the author guidelines in the Semantik Journal rather than the second group. The first group is able to customize the required typography or typography in the Semantik Journal template that relates to the appropriate margins, fonts, spacing and writing style of the bibliography (APA Style). The success of this research can be proven and succeeded in improving students’ writing skill in the process of creating scientific articles for journals.

Keywords: MS. Office, Typography, scientific articles